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TruClay blends the sliding features of clay with easy, cost-effective maintenance features. It has the look and feel of a real clay court.

TruClay is composed of a synthetic, polypropylene membrane utilising French clay infill; the same clay used at Stade Roland-Garros for the French Open Grand Slam. The ITF has recently created a Hybrid-Clay category which TruClay falls into. As with real clay courts, the court pace is Slow Category 1.

TruClay‘s natural, clay top layer and membrane creates an attractive, uniform, sliding court surface. Maintenance requires nothing more than a simple sweep and occasional sprinkling of water. The clay-topped surface prevents holes and cracks and the polypropylene membrane contributes to a very long life.

  • Minimal Maintenance: Brush and add a little water just prior to play if needed.
  • All-weather Playability: Your footing remains true when it’s wet, dry, hot, or cold.
  • Development: by forcing you to use patience, construct shot sequences into points, and employ a wide variety of shots.
  • Sliding Comfort: which allows you to play more frequently without the pain.
  • Reduces Injuries: A player’s feet are able to glide, pivot, and slide freely across the surface.
  • b: the high quality polypropylene membrane contributes to a long life.
  • Easy Installation over existing surfaces: The quarter-inch polypropylene membrane gets glued down onto a hard surface and in-filled with French Open Clay. Specialized line filler is used to create permanent playing lines.
  • Low Annual costs: Additional clay can be added on an as-needed basis and the lines require only occasional freshening.


Playing tennis on a TruClay court requires the development of strategy and skill and promotes endurance and patience. Artificial clay courts are becoming ever more popular and many are getting installed throughout Europe.

TruClay‘s granular surface acts as a shock-absorbing cushion, allowing players to slide into their returns. This prevents joint jarring stops. Unique tennis surfaces that permit sliding, as a TruClay tennis court does, result in 85% fewer injuries.

TruClay courts have several advantageous playing characteristics:

  • Consistently slower ball bounce than other surfaces.
  • Longer rallies.
  • A greater variety of strokes.
  • A more controlled game.

The unique structure of TruClay ensures consistent ball bounce, even on the lines of the court. All bounces, regardless of their kind, are true. TruClay guarantees speed and performance, which is not possible with traditional clay surfaces.

The membrane has been specifically designed to withstand intensive outdoor use, all year round, even in adverse climates. The system offers excellent stability and guarantees a comfortable, shock absorbing playing surface. A manufacturers 10 year warranty is provided for added re-assurance. 

Moreover, it can be used to convert an existing hard court (even in poor condition) into a clay court. Another substantial advantage of TruClay is that the surface is playable soon after a rainfall. The surface is particularly resistant to UV rays.

The unique technology of TruClay creates an uniform, homogeneous and attractive tennis court which, in contrast to traditional clay courts, is in use all-year round.

Requiring minimal maintenance and annual expense, the surface facilitates water absorption and drainage, so that water consumption is considerably reduced. The marking is done using PVC-Lines. Therefore, the lines do not need to be removed in the Autumn and replaced in the spring.

In Europe and some other areas of the world this artificial clay surface is called ClayTech. Variations on the Har-Tru product names are due to registered brand names that exist in different countries.