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Acrylotex is a unique, durable acrylic coating. It is ideal for a variety of sports surfaces and decorative projects installed on non-porous asphalt and concrete surfaces. The inherent strength of Acrylotex makes it ideal for schools that need to utilise a sports area with additional parking requirements.

Acrylotex Sport provides a medium texture, non-skid surface. The textured surface delivers unparalleled grip performance in game play, allowing for greater control and safety. It is an easy and cost effective sport court surface option. Current sport courts can also be revitalized with a simple recoat. Acrylotex Sport is ideal for basketball, badminton, volleyball, roller hockey and netball courts as well as multi-sport recreational areas.

Acrylotex Decorative is designed for strong, long-lasting decorative protection. The Decorative Acrylic Coating provides a medium texture, non-skid surface for medium to high traffic surfaces. It is fully pigmented to provide aesthetically pleasing colours to blend with surrounding areas. Acrylotex Decorative examples include pool surrounds, walkways, parking lots, bike lanes and playgrounds. Strategic colour selections can help create walkways and pathways to “nudge” desired pedestrian traffic flows.

Superior adhesion characteristics prevent flaking and peeling. Acrylotex can be applied over stained concrete surfaces to restore the look without costly replacement. The unique formula & pigments make Acrylotex resistant to fading from UV exposure.